New suspensions !

New suspensions !

There we are, a big step for this project, i've received the new coilovers from BC Racing, the wheel bearings from RockAuto and we're going to reinstall them !

Every owners of S30 know this struggle

I had to cut the spindle to seperate the shock absorber from the lower arm then heat that sh*t to glowing red and use a 25 tons press to extract the remaining half of the spindle.

Then simplier job, the front bushing, just need to burn the rubber, remove the inside and cut the cage with a hacksaw

Next step, cut the OEM spindle, sandblast it and let's weld the BC Racing inserts

Sand blast everything, coat of Hammerite + coat of stone chip protection

Replace the wheel bearings

I've also replaced the U-Joints on the CV axles

And here we go !