Interior work

Interior work

This interior have not aged well, while doing more research about parts, i've learned there was multiples "series" of the 240Z (not talking about 260Z and 280Z or 2 / 2+2), but the first ~20 000ish cars manufactured had some specific parts that wasn't present in the future models, short list :
- Ash Tray
- Center console switches (To confirm)
- Rear window defrog lines (Vertical then later horizontal)
- Rear hatch door vents (2 vents just under the window)

With that discovery, i've realised i got a Serie 1 on my hands. Cool, those are the most valuable ... but also the most expensive one if you want to restore it OEM specs.

With my luck (bad) i got a broken ash tray

Blurry pic blergh

With the speculator price of the ash tray, i've decided to replace it by a custom 3D printed plate and add a voltage gauge and a USB charger.

The center dashboard gets a 3D printed parts for the missing bit of plastic and a temporary radio.

That looks way better.

I've also 3D printed rear shock absorber covers and replaced door weather strips

I was missing a left door handle so i've ordered one from the same scammer seller of the alternator and i got a right door handle ...

Got new seats from FK-Automotive and seat belt harness from DriftShop !

After a test fit, i've made adapter plates and fixed them correctly.
(At the same time, i've added an aluminium plate behind the seats to keep the carpet fixed and get a better finish)

Now with a new bucket seats, it become hard to enter and go out the car, so i've bought a steering hub and a cheap steering wheel from China to test the driving position.

That looks already way better than the day i got it ! But it's not finished, more to come in few days !

Let's not forget our little helper !