Test a bunch of mail accounts from a CSV

Test a bunch of mail accounts from a CSV

I was dropped in a medium sized mail migration project (~500 mail accounts).
Because we don't have an admin access on the old server, we need to migrate every mail account with their own credentials.

The first thing we need to do in this method is to ask for a CSV with accounts credentials and check if all informations are useable for the migration.

To do that i've wrote a little script available on my git mail-account-checker

The script is written in python 2.7 it can test IMAP/IMAP SSL and POP SSL
It simply need a CSV with credentials structured like this


And execute it

mail-account-checker -i accounts.csv

By default the target server is "localhost" if you need to use another hostname you can use the -H argument

mail-account-checker -H imap.gmail.com -i accounts.csv

If your CSV file is not structured like that you can set the column number of all data
Example, my csv look like this one


As you can see, the username have no domain, username and password are not in 0 and 1 column and on top of that, there is no protocol.

mail-account-checker -i accounts.csv -u 2 -p 3 -d makz.me -P imaps

Here we go