ipmtool & iDRAC on pfsense

ipmtool & iDRAC on pfsense

If you have a iDRAC (or another remote management card) on a server running pfsense, maybe you'll install the package ipmitool.

Once the package is installed maybe you'll get an error when using the ipmitool command.

[2.3.3-RELEASE][root@fw.makz.me]/root: ipmitool
Could not open device at /dev/ipmi0 or /dev/ipmi/0 or /dev/ipmidev/0: No such file or directory

You get this error because the driver is not loaded in the kernel.  
As i saw, the package don't autoload the kernel module impi.ko

You can temporary load the module into the kernel with this command

kldload ipmi

Right now you should have a new device /dev/ipmi0 and the ipmitool command should work as expected.

The next step is the autoload of the module. To achieve that, just add this in /boot/loader.conf

#Load ipmi.ko into the kernel